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Mendi Craze in Chand Raat

Mendi Craze in Chand Raat

Muslims after the month of Ramadan enjoys Chand Raat, which is usually declared by the Mufti’s after sighting the moon and announces the Eid. In Pakistan, the trend of chand raat is celebrated from earlier times. Pakistanis are crazy about this night. They come out with their family members for shopping, eating or just for outing. Mendi Craze in Chand Raat is at peak, numerous Mehndi stalls are organized by the shop keepers. Girls in a form of group get into the market to get their hands designed by different and impressive designs. Some girls even purchase quality Mehndi cone to get their hands painted by themselves or by someone at home knowing this art and some were even getting their hands designed by the shopkeepers.


This is not only in chand raat that girls and women get their hands painted by the shopkeepers but applying Mehndi is an old tradition in this part of the world. In older times, females use to color their palms and hands before wedding and even in other occasions to look more stunning. In previous times Mehndi was available in powder form but due to the change in time it is available in cones which are mostly made by chemicals and give good results. Mehndi is available in different colors such as it is available in black, red, silver, golden and many more colors.

Girls in chand raat apply different designs and highlight them with different colors which give it a very fabulous look. The shop keepers in chand raat apply different floral designs on the foot and palms of the girls. The charging rate is according to the design and charges of palm and hand are different, but girls crazy about Mehndi don’t care about the charges they just want to look different and stunning on Eid day.


In shopping centers it is not a permanent business to apply Mehndi designs but is organized specially in Eid days as it is an older tradition. Stalls of bangles, Mehndi’s are specially organized for this occasion. Some girls who do not prefer Mehndi cones or for immediate results they apply Mehndi stamps on there hands which are available in numerous floral designs and is also cheaper.


in chand raat the festivity of Eid is essential for the Mehndi sellers to get enough from this business, as in only Eid days females come to stalls of Mehndi designers to get their hands decorated with mehndi which is rarely seen in other days. These Mehndi stalls are cheaper than those in parlor, so female mostly prefer going to these stalls. So girls if it’s Eid coming a head than go and enjoy chand raat by getting your hands painted by beautiful Mehndi designs.


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