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Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

The Beautiful Mehndi Tradition In Pakistan

Mehndi is actually a tradition, which has been observed in the East for centuries. It is basically a temporary form of skin decoration. The attractive Mehndi designs can easily win the hearts of women and young girls. Mehndi can grab the attention of women easily within a few seconds it is a part of cosmetic and the most important practice Holy, National and Cultural occasions. It is the traditional art of henna painting in the sub-continent.

latest mehndi hands 300x189 Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

Applying Mehndi on Hands

Mehndi  Occassions in Pakistan:

Mehndi can be used in various traditional designs. Especially in Pakistan, it is the most preferred form of skin decoration practiced on various occasions to express the gesture of happiness and celebrate different events. In Pakistan, there are different kinds of Mehndi designs applied by the girls, and they make creative designs using a simple Mehndi cone.  Some of the designs of Mehndi are Arabic Arm Mehndi, Full Hand Mehndi, Easy Arm Mehndi, Detailed Mehndi Design, Difficult Mehndi Design and Arm Mehndi Pattern and so on. Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs are also popular in Pakistan.

Arabic Mehndi Designs 300x251 Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

Arabic Mehndi Design

Women and  young girls apply Mehndi on different occasions. The Mehndi occasions in Pakistan are Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-UL-Azha. On EID, young and old all women apply Mehndi on their hands and feet. Some prefer simple circle and filling fingers with Mehndi while others go for latest Mehndi designs. The most common event for Mehndi is ‘Wedding ceremony’. On the special day of wedding, brides have to apply Mehndi, because it is a part of our culture and tradition and it gives a beautiful look to the bride. It is also used during ‘rasm’ when the relatives of bride and groom put Mehndi on a leaf  which is placed on the bride and groom’s hand  and give a bite of sweet to the bride and groom. Ubtan Is also used while following this Mehndi tradition during wedding functions.

mehndi on events 300x235 Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

Complex Mehndi Designs on Hands


Bridal Arabic Mehndi Design 300x199 Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

Bridal Arabic Mehndi Design

Latest Mehndi In Pakistan:

The latest Mehndi in Pakistan are Embroidered Mehndi, Mona’s Mehndi, Black Mehndi Art, Dark Bridal Mehndi, Arabic Bridal Mehndi and Bridal Mehndi for Feet etc. the Artistic Mehndi designs are also getting the attention of females.  Girls and ladies create beautiful Mehndi designs on each other’s hand this is part of sub-continent civilization and it is now transformed into the modern way of placing tattoos on hands and feet.

Party Hand Mehndi Design for Ladies e1359309650441 300x203 Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

Party Hand Mehndi Design for Ladies

Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Girls 300x225 Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Girls

Mehndi is extracted from a plant and then it is assorted with fragrance and several other mixtures to give a darker impression of the design on washing hands and feet. It is then packed in a plastic cover cone and sold in markets at a very cheap price which can be afforded by any chunk of the society. In fact, it is the only product which is liked by every female even if she does not like cosmetics. Parties, annual functions and occasions such as Eid and Wedding ceremonies are the most common events for the usage of Mehndi. Women also apply Mehndi on hairs since it is the best conditioner, it is natural and not only gives shine but variant colors to the hairs.

mehndi designs pakistan 300x240 Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

Pakistani Bridal Mehndi

Bridal Mehndi Design on Feet 300x200 Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

Bridal Mehndi Design on Feet

Henna Design on Feet 300x199 Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

Henna Design on Feet

Simple Eid Henna Design on Hand 300x240 Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

Simple Eid Henna Design on Hand


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