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Medjool dates

Medjool dates

Medjool Dates are usually produced in the Middle East and North Africa, these can easily be cultivated in desert like areas in the world. Medjool’s are among the expensive dates and these are mainly valued for their large size. These dates are sugary in taste and are quiet juicy even when dried. There are number of dates present today but Medjool date is considered as the most excellent variety of date as they are the largest and the most expensive variety of date. These are known to be the “King of dates” or as the “Diamond of dates” even as the “crown jewel of dates” in referring their superior position. These are soft, dry or semi-dry dates according to their superior taste and texture.


These dates taste like caramel according to some people. To prepare these dates traditionally allow them to ripen naturally and dry them in sun while attached to the tree. When medjool’s are plucked at right time they require no supplementary treatment before serving. In each medjool date about 66 calories are present. They are the best intake of fiber and contain numerous vital minerals such as copper, potassium, iron, vitamin and magnesium.

Medjool dates can be enjoyed as a snack in their real form or can be coupled with crackers, cheese or with crusty bread slices. Due to their large size they are also stuffed with different dry fruits like walnut, almonds and many more. Even small pieces of chocolate can be stuffed inside it as it has a lot of room for creativeness. They are also featured in numerous recipes. Usually they are taken in breakfast with yogurt in places like Iraq and Iran.


In North coast and Arabic Peninsula these dates grow well. As compare to other dates Medjool dates are little harder to grow because they require quality air and moisture soil. They over and over again require an incredible amount of work to grow on demand and due to that reason they are sold relatively in high price. Medjool dates can be cultivated by digging a hole in the ground, plant it and wait for it to grow which is a bit time consuming that even can took about 20 years. These palm plant require a lot of care, in addition to that a close attention to sunlight and rich soil quality is required to flourish in a good way.


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