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Mayo Hospital Lahore

Mayo Hospital Lahore

Mayo Hospital is located in Lahore, Punjab, is the oldest and largest hospital of Pakistan. It is attached with the world’s renowned, Pakistan’s most prestigious and Indian Subcontinent’s second oldest institute known as King Edward Medical University. History of this hospital can be traced back to 1870 when the building of this hospital was completed and in 1871, it started functioning. The name of hospital is after the name of Richard Bourke, sixth Earl of Mayo who was also known as Lord Mayo was the viceroy of British India. One of the leading architects of that time named Rai Bahadur Kanahya engineered this building and the architecture of the building is in Italian style.

Mayo Hospital Rai Bahadur Amar Nath

The buildings of the hospital were constructed in different  phases. The main building of Mayo Hospital that is now known as inpatient department was build in 1871 and followed by the private block that was constructed in 1891. After these two departments in 1952, Out Patient Department was built and then Pediatric Ward in 1974, Institute of Ophthalmology in 1982, Accident and Emergency Block in 1984, and Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was built in 2001. Many other new buildings are also being constructed to fulfill the demands of patients.


Uncountable facilities are available in Mayo hospital as patients from all over the Pakistan visit this hospital. All the departments of hospital can be divided into three sections that are, accident and emergency department, out-patient department and inpatient department. In accident and emergency department, average patients per day seen are 600 to 800 and total 500 beds are available here. In emergency department a burn unit is being managed by the plastic surgeons for 10 patients. ICU and CCU are fully equipped with the modern central monitoring, oxygen supply, ventilators and stock of medicine. Ambulance service for patients is available. A blood bank having all kinds of blood groups is established here. A clinical laboratory here performs 1500 to 2000 daily tests.


Forty-two departments are working in outpatient department that deals with the 2000 average patient per day. Inpatient department consists of 1600 beds and average 250 surgeries are performed here per day.


Accident and Emergency department, department of Ophthalmology and Eye Operation Theater, Diabetic Clinic, Tuberculosis & chest diseases and chest surgical department, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science Department, Radiotherapy and Oncology Department, and many other departments working here are providing the 100% free treatment to the patient who are admitted here.

Being the largest hospital of Pakistan, it deals with almost every kinds of medical illness.

Mayo Hospital Lahore King Edward Medical University

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