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Masjid Wazir Khan Online Roulette Flash Game

Masjid Wazir Khan Online Roulette Flash Game

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Masjid Wazir Khan is situated in Lahore, Punjab. This mosque is well-known among all the Pakistanis due to the beautiful tile work done on it. This tile work gives a great and charming look to the mosque.

The date of creation of this mosque is not fixed whether it was created in 1634 or 1634 A.D, but it is sure that this mosque was completed in total seven years. This mosque has its own importance in the province of Punjab as Badshahi mosque and Lal Qila. Masjid Wazir khan was created by Sheikh Ilm-ud-din Ansari who later became the governor of Lahore. The mosque was created in the era of Shah Jahan.

Sheikh Ilm-ud-din was known in past years as Wazir khan and it must be said that this mosque was named after his. The fact about this mosque is that it is all made up of tiles because in the Mughal era stone was too expensive, but some of the highlighting is done with stone. The walls of this Masjid are totally made with plaster and bricks and the plaster is painted with Indian red color which gives an elegant look to this beautiful mosque of Wazir Khan.

The walls of this Masjid Wazir khan are all covered with charming tiles which are fixed in a beautiful pattern. The colors chosen for tiles are very elegant and beautiful in looks. If you are going to visit Lahore, then you must visit this mosque and see its beauty by yourself. Marble work is done with great effort even on the smallest things of this beautiful mosque. There is a courtyard in which a fountain made out of marble is placed. You should add this mosque in the list of places to visit once in a lifetime because the luxurious Islamic calligraphy is done in the best way and it is too beautiful to explain.

This mosque is situated near Delhi gate, which is an old place of Lahore. The inner courtyard of this Mosque contains the tomb of Syed Muhammad Ishaq who came from Iraq and settled in Pakistan. He stayed in Lahore when Tughlaq Dynasty took place. After his death, his tomb was made in this beautiful mosque. It is suggested to visit this place by yourself and see its beauty. The mosque has its own religious value which cannot be neglected. Masjid Wazir Khan also promotes the beautiful Islamic artwork.

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