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Marriott Hotel

Marriott Hotel

In today’s world if you are a business man and if you want to survive then you have to give your 100% because in today’s time there is competition everywhere so if you lack in something then you will surely loose the competition. Business of hotel chain is also amongst the most competitive business in the world so in order to run your business of hotel successfully you have to provide the best services all over because then only tourists will pay the hotel the amount it asks for otherwise they will go to some other hotel because there are many choices when it comes to staying in a hotel. One of the famous international hotel chains that provide the best services is Marriott Hotel.

Marriott Hotel is a multi-national brand of hotels which have many branches all over the world. It was founded by J.W. Marriott and nowadays it is been ran by the son of J.W. Marriott named B. Marriott Jr. Marriott Hotel is truly a part of Marriott International which is a company with hotels and which provide lodging facilities worldwide. Currently there are 3150 lodging properties that are under Marriott International and are part of U.S. Besides that it is also present in 68 countries of the world among which one of the countries is Pakistan.

There are 2 branches of Marriott Hotel in Pakistan. One is present in Karachi and other one is present in Islamabad. Karachi is the heart of Pakistan. It is the city which makes the most profit compared to all other cities of Pakistan and that is one reason that Marriott Hotel is situated there because many business groups travel to Karachi and they stay in 5 star hotels like Marriott Hotel as they can afford the cost of 5 star hotels. The other Marriott Hotel is situated in Islamabad because it is the capital of Pakistan and business trip to Islamabad is must because it is the city from which the law and order regarding everything is given including business.

The common thing in both Marriott Hotels of Pakistan is that the hospitality and services are at their best and even the same compared to all other places where Marriott Hotels are present. They really know the way to maintain and control their quality everywhere.


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