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M.A.O. School 1875

M.A.O. School 1875

he Aligarh Muslim University ran five schools under it and Mohammad Anglo Oriental Collegiate School was one of them. Officially called Sayedna Tahir Saifuddin High School (on the name of the then Chancellor of the School), the foundations of M.A.O. School were laid in 1875 by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan aiming at bringing the Muslims out of the abysmal darkness of ignorance which had been made their destiny after the War of Independence 1857.

The British policies after the War had targeted exclusively the Muslims for their vengeance and the later were outlawed from education and job opportunities. On the other hand, the Muslims had said good bye to western education in order to associate themselves to their religion and delineate the English language as anti-Islam.

The foundation stone of Mohammadan Anglo Oriental School was laid down by Maulvi Sami Ullah Khan, the Secretary of the College Fund Committee and by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan himself. It was also called Mito circle School. Primarily the School had two main sections: The primary section which was in Zahoor Ward and the students who passed though this section were sent to Minto Circle. Since the founder of the school was highly educated and enlightened with the moderate views, the admissions were open to all the communities irrespective of their caste, religion, of doctrines. The School was upgraded to College after two years and turned to be in Aligarh University in 1920. The Aligarh University created graduates for the Muslims who fought the war of freedom from the British and the Hindus simultaneously. All the credit goes to the educationist Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who rang the bell for the first time despite the opposition of the Muslims and proliferated those Muslims needed by the time.


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