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Mangoes of Pakistan

Mangoes of Pakistan

Pakistan is famous all over the world for its various fruits productions in which top of the list is mango. Mangoes of Pakistan are known as king of fruits because of its taste. For mangoes produced in Pakistan, World’s Agriculture scientists say that there is no competition with Pakistani Mangoes around the world.

Mangoes are the second largest fruit production of Pakistan.Pakistan produces around 81 Million mangoes per annum in which Sindh and Punjab provinces do most contribution.

mangoes of pakistan

There are more than 200 types of mangoes available in Pakistan but only ten are farmed for commercial productions. These popular types include “SINDHRI, CHAUNSA, NEELAM, ANWAR RETOL, DOSEHRI, BEGANPHALI, ALFANSO, GULAAB KHASA, ZAFRAN, LANGRA, SAROLI and DESI Mangoes from which are exported to other countries and Pakistan gets foreign exchange against of that. There are few more countries that exports mangoes including Indonesia, Thailand, Sweden, Denmark, the Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, America, Israel, Florida, Brazil and the West Indies, but Pakistani Mangoes are in high demand everywhere.


During the years 2002 to 2012, total mango production respectively was, 1 million 34 thousand tons, 1 million 50 thousand tons, 1673 thousand tons, 1753 thousand tons, 1719 thousand tons, 17 million tons, 1810 thousand ton, 18 million tons and one million tons. However, according to experts, this year Pakistan may face 0.03 percent decrease in mango production due to weather conditions.

60%of Pakistani mango is exported to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Muscat, Bahrain, Britain, France, Germany, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

According to experts in last few years, mango production areas in Pakistan have been increased up to two percent. In whole country, mangoes are harvested in 156000 Acres from which 10 to 15 percent area is wasted due to irregular harvesting of trees, and up to 20 percent of mangoes go waste due to improper storage facility. Experts also insist that farmers must use latest machinery to rip the mango fruit, as after it is fully ripped, there is very short period to pick them and take them to proper storage points. As in Pakistan, regular practice of ripping is use of hands, which is definitely a time taking procedure and some fruits are wasted too.


To Improve Mangoes Productions in Pakistan, American Institute U.S. AID is running a mango program in Sindh and Punjab provinces. This program was initiated in 2009 and it armed some of mango producers with latest tips and techniques.

Mangoes, as all of us know, has no comparison with other fruits in its tempting taste and is said “King Fruit”, but at the same time, research proves that eating mangoes helps in mood behavior n helps one to maintain happy mood. It not only strengthen one’s will power but also prevents from heart diseases. Mangoes contain Fiber, which can help human to fight against cancer. On an average, one mango contains 1-gram protein, 28 grams carbohydrates, 3 grams Fiber, Sodium and Vitamin E that keeps a man happy

So Have Mangoes of Pakistan and Be Happy.



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