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Makran – the makran coast

Makran – the makran coast

Makran is half desert, half coastal area. Makran is one of the rich and amazing coasts it is situated by the side of Arabian Sea and the gulf of Oman. Makran is not the single coastal area but it’s the combination of three districts of Ketch, Gawadar and Panjgur. The name Makran has its history. It’s derived from word Maka. Maka is a word from Achaemenid Empire.

Makran is one of the rich coastal areas. The Baloch Population who lives here earns their livelihood by the great use of oceans for the sake of business between Iran, Pakistan and Gulf states. Makran is unique coastal region which is accommodated with mountains too.

Makran is lap of fishing villages it have omara and pasni in the territory .Its the hub of business. It’s divided in to two sections, the Gawadar bay and Gawatar bay. Makran coast owns only one island which is named as Astola Island. It’s situated near Pasni.

Makran’s weather is not very ideal for outsiders visiting it but its residents are used to it. It’s warm and dry, the clouds and the rains are not very kind to this region.

Few people say that Makran is the only way through which Islam entered in Sub continent. This theory claims that Sindh is not Bab e Islam, its Makran who welcomed Mohammad Bin Qasim, though this theory need to be verified.

The mountains round the edges of Makran are considered to be the mountains with rich natural resources. If government pays attention to these mountains then it can contribute to revenue at large scale.

The Makran coast kingdom is ruled by many dynasties in different periods of time. Like from 15thcentury onwards it was ruled by Mir chakar khan rind. So in this era it was ruled by Rind Tribe. Be remembering that Rinds are from Baloch nation. Later on Khan of Kalat took control of Makran and ruled it till sultan of Muscat invaded the region. Khan of Kalat was the ruler who ruled this unique land of sand, water and rock in the presence of British rule too. After the creation of Pakistan, it was turned in to district to be merged with Baluchistan. Makran has many twists in its history. Like before creation of Pakistan it also remained a princely state ruled by Ghicki family. Off course a place like Makran who have thousand years history have much more to talk about. Currently it’s a useful coastal area for all business activities which can be further boasted by involving the local men.


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