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Makki ki Rotti

Makki ki Rotti

The word Roti refers to a flatbread that gets cooked on a griddle made of iron. This kind of iron griddle is also called Tawa or Tava in Urdu language. If we specifically talk about Makki ki roti then it will be a roti made of cornmeal instead of the regular wheat flour. So the word Makki ki roti factually means a roti made of cornmeal.

Makki ki roti is a yellow colored roti when it’s cooked. It is made with more difficulty as it’s tricky to handle the cornmeal because of its very low adhesive strength. Makki ki roti is a very popular and famous delicacy in the Pakistan. It’s mostly cooked in the season of winters and is widely and mainly served with sarson ka saag, added butter (cooked leaves of mustard) and chaati ki lassi.

Makki ki atta is well ground flour of yellow corns. It can be mixed with a slight portion of ground regular wheat as well. One should use the premium cornmeal for this kind of roti because it will add much of the taste. If one requires a smooth edged thin Makki ki roti which puffs up then equal parts of regular wheat can be mixed with cornmeal.

Makki ki roti is dished up right away from the griddle and is served with smacking domestic butter. The duo of Makki ki roti and sarson ka saag makes a splendid meal, whether be it a breakfast or a lunch. This sumptuous meal can be served on any occasion as it can make anyone’s mouth start watering.

Punjab is a place to be in case you need to know what culinary pleasure is. Sarson ka saag served with Makki ki roti is a well-known slenderness that can activate anyone’s taste buds will leave anyone requesting more.

Because of the enormous recognition of Pakistani food in the world, Makki ki roti is being served in all the major hotels and restaurants of Pakistan and specially Punjab with few changes and alterations from the original recipe according to the taste of the people of that region and class.


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