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Main Food Items in Iftari

Main Food Items in Iftari

In Ramadan Iftari is the most spiritual observances. People usually gather to break their fast together after the time of Maghrib, which is around sunset. Prophet Muhammad use to have three dates to break his fast. It is believed by Muslims that if somebody will feed someone in the form charity will be rewarded by God and this was also practiced by our Prophet (PBUH).Dates are mostly eaten to break the fast or water can also be taken by the fat keeper. The prayer to break the fast is:

“O Allah! for thy sake I have fasted and now I break the fast with the food that comes from thee.”


Iftar preparations start an hour or two before the time of iftari at homes or at roadside stalls. Big cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore offers iftar deals which include a variety of food stuff. The people in North and west areas like Balochi, pashtuns and tajiks have combine dinner and iftar rather then having them separately and is a good way to save money. In Chitral and in some areas of Gilgit their iftar staple is mainly Kalli which is a Laghman soupIftar meals in Pakistan are mostly heavy such as we mostly have food stuff like sweets, samosas, dahi baray, fruit chat, salad shami kabab, chicken rolls, spring rolls, chana chaat, jalebi, drinks and chutneys of different varieties in addition to staple dates and water. In Pakistan Rooh Afza which is a sweet drink is also a basic part of iftari in many homes.


Main Food Items:

Fruit chat:

It is an energetic meal which is made by combining different nutritious fruits and then some amount of sugar, chaat masala, black pepper and juice is added to it to make it more tempting.


Dahi Baray:

Dahi baray contains bara that is made of lentils which is dipped into yogurt and some vegetables and spices are added to it in an appropriate amount to make it appetizing.


Chana Chaat:

Chana Chaat as we can predict by its name that it consist of chana and in this dish potatoes, green chilies, spices, tomatoes are also added.


Samosas are quiet heavy as they are made in oil. To make samosas, samosa pati is required and it is then filled with different vegetables and spices even with chicken as well.

These are the delicious main food items in iftari without these are dining tables look incomplete.


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