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Machiara National Park

Machiara National Park

Machiara National Park is located in Kashmir. This is the most unique and different park because in this park there are beautiful birds called Tragopan Pheasants. These pheasants are found in western countries. Pheasant have red neck and a white and black spotted body and wings. Machiara National Park is kind of a forest. There are many lush-green and enchanting trees and different kinds of birds. People used to visit this park for hunting. Many universities and colleges trips visit this park for surveys and researches. The main purpose of this park is to set up a healthy environment to save the resources and trees for the development of the country. The total area of the park is 13532

Different Species

Different kinds of species are found in this park like Western Tragopan, Melanocephalus, Cheer pheasants catreus wallichi, white cheeked-tit Aegithalos leucogeny’s, Brooke’s leaf-warbler and many others. Machiara National Park is the world’s famous global park. This park was selected with two other parks for a project called global environmental facility.


Machiara National Park is a home for many animals like leopards, wolves, monkeys, lions and tigers. There are working and guiding staff which helps you to visit the safest parts and corners of the park. Like you don’t know when a lion or a tiger comes in front of you and it will attack on you. The monkeys used to live and hide themselves in the bushes of the trees. Monkeys are sometimes friendly but they are the most irritating creature in the world. Snow leopards are also found there and they live on the Snow Mountains.

To save natural resources

This park is the major key for the natural resources. The park has variety of natural resources and the working staff of the park looked after the resources and they explore them. There are Mountains and snow Mountains as well which looks magnificent and amazing. The people living around the park try to save the animals which are threatened and they are very sympathetic towards the animals. There are so many things in this park which you have never seen before.


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