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Lyari Town

Lyari Town

In Karachi the eighteenth constituent town of Sindh is Lyari Town, which is the smallest town by area in Karachi. Being a smallest town it is the most densely populated area. Lyari town is sited to the north of Lyari River and to the east of Saddar. In the history of Lyari in 2000, the idea of reforming the town was introduced by Federal government to the local government and this eradicated the earlier third tier of the government and elevated the forth tier to turn out to be the latest third tier. The consequence in Karachi was the suspension of the previous Lyari Division as the plan was to amalgamate five districts to structure an innovative Karachi City-District with eighteen self-governing constituent towns together with Lyari Town.


Lyari Town is habitat of the majority Balochis that speaks Kutchi Muslim, Balochi Musli, Gujarati Muslim and Chippa. Baloch people are the dominants in the town. Lyari is further sub-divided into eleven union councils and they are named as Ragiwara, Lyari, Singo Line, Nawabad, Usmanabad, New Kumhar Wala, Nawa Line, Shah Baig Line, Juna Kalri and Gutter Baghicha. In Karachi Lyari has been the oldest city. The town is not well-developed.  Lyari on the whole is urbanized with lower class but all fundamental facilities of life are available for the natives but in substandard condition. Some division of the town is exemplified as a slum. However, it encompasses more than a few new developed middle class areas but due to the lack of funds it is still among the under developed areas and mostly considered as slums.


Only few schools are founded within the town and the hospitals exist here are of poor quality. The sewerage system of this town is terrible as no maintenance have been performed by the political leaders of this area. The town contains limited infrastructure and even the roads of Lyari are wrecked which projects the present condition of the town and people living here.  Pakistan Peoples party (PPP) is highly recognized of being associated with the town and people here admire this party a lot and supports this party in all aspects and the party has a stronghold in this area.


This town is the centre of Karachi’s Sheedi community, who are now, neutralized Sindhi of African descent. It has also gained the status of Pakistan’s football source as several leading football players are from this area. Lyarians are so fond of football that during FIFA World Cup season the crime level in this area drops down. Nowadays this town is badly affected by the terrorism attempts and people of Lyari feel unsafe.


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