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Pakistan is blessed with countless delightful places that are filled with natural beauty. Many beautiful lakes are also the part of it they also plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of our country. Lake Lulusar is also among these momentous lakes that are the favorite tourist spot for many. The primary head water of Kunhar River is Lulusar which is the group of mountain peaks and a lake in Kaghan valley in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The lake is about 3,410 m long. In Pashto the word “Sar means” top or peak. The lake streams to southwest in the course of Kaghan valley and passes through Naran, Jalkhand, Paras, Kaghan and Balakot till its convergence with the River Jhelum.


The Lake is also famous because it is the historic place where the fifty-five participants of the 1857 Indian war of independence were arrested and the lake is still remembered for that reason. Lulusar Lake is famed because it is large and picturesque and a prominent tourism spot. Among all the lakes of Kaghan Valley it is the largest one and has crystal-clear water, which is the source of attraction for everyone. The mountains near it are covered with snow are the eye-candy for the tourists as they look very appealing.


In summer vacations this lake is destination for several domestic and international visitors and even the park near to it known as Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park is also visited by many tourists. To reach Lulusar Lake one has to pass through the road near to Naran Town that leads 48 km to northeast up Kaghan Valley to Basel. To visit the lake jeeps are mostly hired in Naran as they are more convenient for such routes. Recently, a road has been being constructed around the lake to southeast that will connect Naran and basel to Chilas and the Highway of karakoram to the south of Gilgit. Due to the construction of this road the access to the lake has become very convenient and the view near too it is spectacular. The lake holds the natural beauty in it which catches the attraction of many tourists. The snow capped mountains and the green meadow enhances the beauty of the lake delightfully.


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