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Lotkoh Valley

Lotkoh Valley

Lotkoh valley is famous for its hot spring which is situated in Chitral. This hot spring is popular for healing diseases of skin. People from long distances come here to take a bath to cure themselves. The hot spring is also acknowledged as the Sulphur Spring as it is rich with Sulphur deposits due to which the temperature of the water rises up and goes above the boiling point. As many people approaches this place and yet has become very popular due its hot spring the village is named as Garam Chasma. In addition to that this village is known to be the best picnic point due to its splendid natural beauty.

The people from poles apart of the country, together with Punjab, arrive here to take a bath in the hot spring water. The hot water is first cooled in the bathtubs and then it is used. For the convenience the government has built numerous public bathrooms in the surrounding area of the spring. People also took water in tubes to the baths of hotels or in the rest houses. According to many people they consulted numerous skin specialists but were not cured but after taking the bath from this hot spring they get rid of their skin disease once and for ever.


Besides healing skin diseases this hot spring is equally beneficial for diseases of joints of human body as it has cured numerous people. According to the local residents this hot spring is more useful for women but for young people it is slightly harmful but they don’t give any reason related to it. Mostly women visits the spring according to the local residents and the season of bath starts from 21st March and  persists for two months of the spring season.

Mostly three to four baths are taken by the patients in three days or more. After the patient takes bath it is compulsory for him to cover himself from cold air and to keep himself warm. The Garam Chashma offers the visitors a chance of eco-tourism of the area and besides the bath they could also get pleasure by eating trout fishing in the stream.

According to some doctors the hot bath is a kind of physiotherapy, as the hot water causes the blocked pores of the human skin to open. Well some organizations should accomplish research on the water to know about its chemistry, benefits and harms.


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