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Lok Virsa Museum

Lok Virsa Museum

Pakistan is a country of cultures and believes. It contains both types of cultures ethnic and religious. Pakistan is a country that contains number of historical places and uncountable beautiful places. People of Pakistan are extremely generous, loving and caring although a very wrong picture of Pakistan has been portraying to the world now through world media. Media only shows what it seems from the front, they don’t show what is going on in deep inside the country, what is going on inside the hearts of Pakistani.

Today’s media of the world have no idea how a Pakistani feels when Pakistan is been accused for something. The media shows the places of Pakistan which are ruined; they don’t show the beautiful and historical places of Pakistan. One of the historical places of Pakistan that should be visited by the people of the world is Lok Virsa Museum.

Lok Virsa Museum is located in the capital city of Pakistan that is named Islamabad. Pakistani’s cultural heritage is displayed there. It contains statues, pottery, pictures, work of textile and music. All these things show different living styles of Pakistan’s different areas. Lok Virsa Museum is one of the finest museums of culture in Pakistan. All the historical things that are available there and all the knowledge of these historical things present there actually represents the true Pakistan, the great country that was founded by a great leader Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. What other people who live out of Pakistan know what they have been shown by the world media but the reality lies inside the country which they have never witnessed but still they accuse this lovely country for uncountable guilt.

Lok Virsa Museum is also known as Ethnological Museum of Pakistan. It is called as Lok Virsa Museum because the planning and creation was done by Lok Virsa which is for traditional and folk heritage a national institute. Lok Virsa Museum is actually located on an extremely beautiful road that is named as Garden Road that holds the place behind Hills of Shakarparian. It actually represents the work of art upon the preservation of the folk that is living and crafts and cultures of the country Pakistan. In Lok Virsa Museum large collection of different historical things is displayed. Included items in these things are: wood work, costumes that are embroidered, accessories and ornaments, work of metal, ivory, printing of block and work of bone.

Lok Virsa Museum is a must to visit historical place in Pakistan if some one really wishes to know the true picture of Pakistan. For every one, especially for Pakistani it is a great opportunity to have such a museum in the country but unfortunately is hasn’t received the publicity that it really deserves and many Pakistani don’t even know that such place exists in their country.


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