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LOC – Pakistan India

The line of control LOC exists since cease fire of December 17, 1971. Jammu and Kashmir, one of the oldest unresolved disputes, however remains the underlying cause of tensions between the two south Asian nuclear powers.

The two countries have largely observed ceasefire along the LOC since long and have also taken steps to normalize relations. But by the time either two sides claimed the violation of LOC and exchange the cross fire and with damages came death of soldiers from both side. The blame games create tension on the border and decline the peace process.


Illegal Fencing of India over LOC

Line of Control LOC exists in Kashmir. In Simla Agreement signed ,3rd July 1972, it was decided that Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir AJK are part of Pakistan and other part of Kashmir which is under India is known as Jammu & Kashmir or Occupied Kashmir.

India has put fence of 550 km inside the Indian controlled area (150 yards inside). The total length of LOC is 740 km between Pakistani and Indian controlled Jammu and Kashmir. This fencing is against the international laws but India always violated all rules and regulations. India could not digest the universal truth: Existence of Pakistan.


Illustration of LOC

Violations LOC

On a recent date, two soldiers from India were killed during firing across the LOC by Pakistani soldiers as claimed by India. The spokesman for the Indian Army’s northern control said that the firing event was the starting of the violation of ceasefire agreed on by the two countries. While Pakistan has denied being involved in any incident of unprovoked firing, but it does cite an incident on January 6, when it claims that the Indian troops attacked a base which killed one of its soldiers. In turn, India is not ready to accept this and said its positions had been bombarded for five hours by Pakistan. The Pakistan army had declared but not proofed that Indian troops had violated the ceasefire along LOC late night and carried out unprovoked firing in Hot spring and Jandrot sector.

loc map


Over Kashmir India and Pakistan have fought two of three wars. ceasefire took place in disputed Kashmir after the Indian and Pakistani armies agreed to stop deadly cross-border firing that had threatened peace and many humans.


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