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Linen Fabric

Linen Fabric

Linen fabric is very much admired by every one; this high quality fabric is obtained from the fibers of the flat plant, Linum usitatissimum. This textile is valued for its outstanding coolness, freshness and originality when made into garments. Linen word came from West Germanic which relates with the Latin name for the plant linum. Many other fabrics including cotton, hemp and other non-flex fibers are also slackly referred to as linen, which are categorized in textiles in a linen weave texture.  Fabrics like these have their own specific names like Medapolam is a name given to the fine cotton yarn in a linen-style weave.


To describe a class of woven the term linen is frequently used and even knitted bath, table, bath and kitchen textiles. Most surprisingly the word linens was introduced in ancient times which means lightweight undergarments which includes chemises, shirts, waist shirts, lingerie . Even the shirts and collars which were detachable were traditionally made of linen. The fine composite clothing garments were also internally lined through this fabric.


The history of linen is very old; its history goes back to thousands of years. One more type of linen is woven linen fabrics which came from wild flax dates back to 36,000 BP. Interesting fact about this fabric is that in ancient Egypt linen was sometime used as currency. Linen fabric was used to wrap Egyptian mummies as it was observed as the symbol of purity and light and as a demonstration of prosperity.


Nowadays, linen is considered among the most expensive textile and is produced in comparatively small quantities. As compare to other fabrics like cotton and other natural fabrics linen has a long “staple”. Besides clothing numerous products are manufactured through linen like making of aprons, bags, towels, bed linens, runners, napkins, linen table cloth, chair covers and women’s and men’s wear. There are two varieties related to it one is known as shorter two fibers that is used for coarser fibers and another is longer fibers which are used for finer fabrics. The flexibility and texture in the fabric is due to Flax fibers. The quality of the fabric is that it is very cool to the touch and is very smooth and gets softer the more it is washed.


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