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Library – State Bank of Pakistan

Library – State Bank of Pakistan


The State Bank of Pakistan library was founded in 1949 at Central Directorate, Karachi. The library’s building was shifted to the 5th floor of the new State Bank building in 1961. In 1995 an adjacent building, originally Imperial Reserve Bank of India’s building,

was acquired for library use as more space was required. In 2005, the library was moved to the Bank Annexe. The library has also undergone several administration changes. After passing through different hands, in 2008, it was included to the Monetary Policy and Research Cluster (MP&R) which is headed by the Chief Economic Adviser. The MP&R also selects the books that are to be obtained by the library. The management of library matters rests with the chief librarian whereas policy affairs are the responsibility of the library advisory committee.

Collection Resources:

A large number of books kept in the library is pertaining to such subjects as banking, finance, economics, management, trade and commerce. But a worthwhile collection of books also includes subjects of social sciences and literature.

The State Bank library has a total of 79,750 books and monographs. The periodicals include some 238 foreign and local journals (subscribed and complementary), 613 annual reports of companies and banks, and 36 local and foreign newspapers. The electronic collection comprises of 258 CD and DVD related material and 71 online resources.

The monographs are further divided into many sections. The reference section consists of different encyclopedias, almanacs, biographies, atlases, dictionaries etc. The second section is related to the government’s publications archives like acts and ordinances, yearbooks, annual reports, surveys, census reports and five year plans etc. Other sections include the State Bank, IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UN and PIDE Publications sections, and Rare books, Budgets, Gazettes and General Sections.

Administration and Membership:

The library has three services units; the technical services unit does technical processing that is classification, cataloguing, indexing of monographs etc. The reader services unit deals with issues related to membership and lending of books. The support services unit has to do the administrative work.

The library membership is given to the active and retired employees. Non-employees who can produce surety of any active employee of the SBP can also become members.

The State Bank of Pakistan library has a treasure of books and documents that can come in handy to researchers, journalists, students and so on.


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