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Liaquat Bagh

Liaquat Bagh

Liaquat bagh (bagh means park) is situated on the murree road in the city of Rawalpindi, Punjab of Pakistan. It is a very old and famous park of the country. The park was at one time named Municipal Park. This park was renamed ‘Liaquat Bagh’ after the assassination of the first prime minster of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan. This incident of assassination occurred during a public meeting of Muslim City league in 1951 in the park.

The Bagh covers a huge area of the city; a person can easily reach Liaquat bagh from any part of Rawalpindi. Many tourists visit the bagh due to its strong historical background. The park has great importance in the country as many political gatherings took place in it. Benazir Bhutto, on 27th December 2007 was assassinated in liaquat bagh when she was leaving after giving a political speech. Benazir Bhutto was a great lady and the ex prime minister of Pakistan. Her death came as a shock to many people. People around the globe visit liaquat bagh in order to witness the place where so much history was created.

The Baagh is so huge that it can hold up to 1,00,000 people in it. Many political events still take place in the park. Many public speeches are made there. The park holds a great importance in the country due to political events. Imran khan also did a public speech on 27th may 2012 in liaquat bagh, which was a huge success for his political party. Tehreek-e-minhaj ul Quran also had their public addresses in liaquat bagh. The park has been widely used by many political parties for public addresses due to its spaciousness but the park is at its most remembered due to the killing of two honorable prime ministers of Pakistan. Many more history and events are yet to take place in the park to keep it alive.

liaquat bagh aerial view


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