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Let’s Eat out in Quetta!

Let’s Eat out in Quetta!

Quetta is a very lively city you can eat and roam around here discovering amazing things you didn’t know before. In this article we will let you know about specialty of “Quetta Cuisine”. They are traditional and belong to each tribe which lives in Baluchistan. You should once taste it when you visit the beautiful city of Cold Quetta. Here we go!


Sajji is a leg of lamb. It is really tasty and nutritious food by Balochistani people. Sajji is marinated with local herbs and masalas and then it is cooked like barbecue in an open fire. Sajji is a good food which shows the high consumption of fat by people living in cold areas like Quetta, Baluchistan. Sajji belongs to Balochi basically but due to its popularity it’s being tried by food lovers around Pakistan too. Sajji is not very spicy. It’s a salty roasted mutton. Once you visit the Quetta you should try it else you will miss a “big deal”.


Landhi is another delicious local dish by Pathan tribesman of Baluchistan. Different from Sajji Landhi is whole lamp. Landhi is not cooked but its dried out in summer for use in Winters. Landhi have sour taste and is very very strong in its flavor. High blood pressure pals should definitely avoid it but young food lovers can try it out because it’s the dish you should not spare. It’s tasty and unique. Landhi happens only in Baluchistan.


Pirki is a type of evening tea item. It is made by flour and any other vegetable or meat for stuff in. The vegetable and meat are cooked and then stuffed in the covers made by flour then it’s deep fried. They are really very delicious and you can find many “raddies” selling Pirki. Pirki is a hazaragi traditional food and enjoyed by people of Baluchistan.

Places of eat out in Quetta

If you are in Quetta and want to visit some really good quality dining point then these are the places you must visit.Café china is one of the best restaurants in Quetta. It can serve you both Pakistani and Continental food with Chinese food as basic.Lehri Sajji House and Mir afzal Karachi are the best kebab shops at Jinnah Road Quetta.Serena Hotel and Many Kabab shops around the city are the best places to eat out and have some really tasty enjoyable time.


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