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Legendary Cricketers of Pakistan

Legendary Cricketers of Pakistan

Our motherland ‘Pakistan’ has given us many cricketers’ who increased the pride of our nation. Though, many people have taken part in playing cricket for Pakistan, but there are some legendary players who played for the first time for their motherland and whom we cannot forget.

Such players are true symbol of pride in the game of Cricket for Pakistan. Out of many Pakistani players, we have listed below the first and most legendary cricketers of Pakistan:

Imtiaz Ahmed

D.O.B: 1928, 5th January.

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed took part in the cricket team of Pakistan for the first time in 1952. He has a record of 41 Tests matches and more than 2000 runs. He was capable of performing as a center order batsman and even as a top ordered batman. He was the first one to perform as a primary regular wicketkeeper.

Hanif Muhammad

D.O.B: 1934, 21st December.

Mr. Hanif Mohammad is known as the greatest player of all time. He appeared in a test match in opposition to India. He went all the way to become the best batsman in the history of Pakistan cricket. He had good playing skills and played with deep concentration. He was a man of good nature. He made his first trio century scoring a total of 337 runs in the match.

Majid Khan

D.O.B: 1946, 28th September

Mr. Majid Jahangir Khan was one of the best cricketers of his time. He was a capable batsman. He first started as a fast bowler, but then he gradually became an off-spin player together as a batsman and bowler. He was the past captain of our cricket team. Majid was good at opening batting. From the duration of 1961-1985, Majid played a total of 63 Test matches for his motherland, making a total of 3,931 runs. He also made a total of 8 centuries in his career, and made more than 27,000 runs and 73 supreme centuries, along with 128 half-centuries. He took part in the last test match held in the year 1983, in the month of January against India in Lahore. His last One-Day-International was held in the month of July 1982 against England in Manchester.


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