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The fascinating sites of Kashmir Side are worth seeing. It is the part of Pakistan where enchanting beauty of nature falls. The scenery there makes one’s life more delightful. The valley of Leepa is another magnificent location which lies within Kashmir territory and is known to be one of the most beautiful places of Pakistan. Leepa valley is an appealing place to visit with 1921 meters altitude. The small valley lies 4 kilometer away from Muzaffarabad. The view of rice field highlights with lush green vegetation and wooden houses on them is eye-catching and one of the best reasons to visit this valley.

From Naily, a road heads to Muzaffarabad which further extends to Reshian Gali through Saien Bagh, Dhanni Baqalan, Garhi Dupatta and Hattian Bala in an ascending way and then descends down to enter Leepa Valley. Leepa is famous for the natural greenery which are a delight for ones eyes. Lofty Mountains along the way offer an enchanting view and give the best of a beautiful natural scene. Leepa Valley houses two fascinating sites which are visited by local tourists as well as tourists from other countries. Chananian is one of them. This site is located on the opposite side of Leepa and is famous for pine tree forest. People living there, often visit the forest for calm atmosphere and the place is a must visit site.

Dao Khan also lies within Leepa Valley region and is situated at a distance of 75 kilometer from Muzaffarabad. The place has a high altitude of 1677 meter and is a worth seeing place. The soothing and calm atmosphere is best for one’s visit. The presentation of enchanting panorama can be seen here. Honey, Walnut, Cherries and Apples of Leepa Valley are known and are exported to other cities. Kappa Gali is a chief commercial centre of Leepa valley. The valley gets high number of tourists from May to November and offers enchanting scenes at that particular time. Comfortable rest houses are easily available there for tourists. Awami Chinar Hotel makes it easy for tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature for a long time.

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