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Lawn Fabric

Lawn Fabric

Lawn!! A signature fabric for all Pakistani women, they go crazy when the season of lawn starts, as it is very suitable for the climate of Pakistan. Lawn has became a prominent fabric in recent years as many well-known designers from Pakistan has shown their interest in this fabric but due to that the prices of lawn has gone out of reach of an ordinary person. In past, lawn was considered as an average fabric because it was very simple but nowadays many designer lawns has been introduced that have changed the analysis of people related to the fabric.  From the word “Laon” which is a city in France` the word lawn has been derived. In France linen lawn is produced in a large quantity.


Lawn Fabric is basically a plain weave textile, originally from linen but now it is chiefly made from cotton. It is mainly designed by using fine, high count yarns, due to which it results in a silky, untextured feel. It is a single cloth wash fabric that weighs from 1% ounces to 2% ounces per yard and in widths it varies from 6 inches to 40 inches. Lawn is mostly woven in a plain weave. Lawn is produced using either carded or combed yarns. Lawn made from combed yarns is soft and has a slight lecture and is known as “nainsook”.


It is very light in weight, sheer cloth and crisp but not as crisp as organdy. This fabric is recognized for its semi-transparency that varies from delicate to almost opaque effect which is commonly introduced as lining or utility lawn. It can be in white color or can be easily dyed into number of colors; moreover it can be printed in many designs.


Plain Lawn is made of solid white or bleached yarn in tooth the wrap and filling. Lawn is widely used in making dresses, night wear, blouses, underwear, curtains, lingerie, shirting, collar cuffs, handkerchiefs and infant wear. Many famous designers from Pakistan have introduced a variety of lawn in recent years such as brands like Gull Ahmed, Bareeze, Warda lawn, Vaneeza Lawn, Bonanza, Maria B, HSY and many more. There are even many types of lawn that includes star lawn, crescent lawn etc.


In the year 2013, some of famous Indian designers like have shown their interest in designing lawn in Pakistan and there work is highly admired by the inhabitants of Pakistan. Designing lawn is slowly and gradually becoming a desired business for many television actors as they have launched lawn during couple of years.


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