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Pakistani cuisine is as diverse as its people. Among the drinks or beverages consumed in Pakistan, lassi, is quite popular. It is a traditional Pakistani dairy beverage, originally from Punjab. On a hot sunny day it is only natural to quench one’s thirst with a tall glass of Lassi.

In Punjab it is the most desired drink , Especially in Villages , still if guests come , the Host prefer to serve them with Chati Ki Lassi instead of Soda Drinks. In fairs or in get together men do challenge each other to intake a large amount or a big KUJJA of Lassi. Women are renowned for their perfection for making tasty Lassi having butter in it. In Punjab it is the duty of women to make Lassi in the start of the day and this practice is being followed in Punjabi Homes since centuries.

 Traditional lassi in Pakistan has two flavors;

Salty or Kachi lassi: It is prepared by adding few table spoons of milk in a glass of water along with a pinch of slat in it. It has been famous to minimize the effect of warm weather. Usually used after meal or eating mangoes. Some people like to prepare it by yogurt, milk, salt and water also which is rich version.

Sweet lassi: It is prepared by blending yogurt, milk, water and sugar until frothy. Chill it and enjoy in the summer season as it is the most refreshing drink. Sometimes served with blended sweet of Khoya called “paira”, or used with a huge ball of homemade butter in it.

It is consumed by over one billion Asians throughout the world. With its smooth, cool and refreshing taste, it is the perfect accompaniment to the hot and spicy flavours that epitomize Pakistani cuisine. This traditional drink is economical and plentiful in Pakistan, where cows and buffalo provide an overflow of dairy-based recipes.

Lassi serves to cleanse the palate alongside spicier foods. It aids digestion and is a healthy addition to any balanced diet. Lassi is 100 per cent natural and is free from artificial colorings, preservatives and flavorings. Besides offering health benefits, lassi is also indulgent and can be enjoyed with or between meals.

The modern version of lassi includes many fruits like mango lassi, strawberry lassi but they are like smoothies. They either don’t have the effects of lassi but enjoyable.

So if you too want to Enjoy Lassi,,,,,Make it and have it…

Have A Winterous Summer along with Lassi…………


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