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Languages in Pakistan

Languages in Pakistan

There are over 72 languages spoken around Pakistani Land. Official language of this country is Urdu and provincial languages include Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto and Balochi. Our official language has the ability to adopt words from other languages and includes various words that are taken from our regional languages but only 8% of the people use Urdu as a proper communication language. Various kinds of regional languages are spoken in all over the country and they vary with each province. The most common regional languages are Brahvi, Hindko, Kashmiri, Siraiki and Shina.

About 2 million Pakistani people use Brahvi as their main communication language. The areas where Brahvi is spoken are Quetta, East Baluchistan and some areas of Sindh. Brahvi consists of Dravidian words and has adopted several words from other languages of Pakistan. Hindko is another popular regional language which is divided into northern and southern divisions. Northern is spoken in Abottabad side and southern Hindko is spoken in the province of Punjab. Kashmiri language is used in Kashmir side as you can guess by its name. Siraiki is spoken emphatically in Punjab as well as in northern parts of Sindh province and is a mixture of words of Punjabi and Sindhi.

In Gilgit districts, a language known as Shina is used. These five regional languages play a great role in communication purposes and most of the people can be found related to these basic languages. There are other several languages which make the language system of Pakistan strong. These languages are used by people from small regions of Pakistan. Other languages include Aer, which is spoken in Hyderabad and lower parts of Sindh, Bagri, a popular language of Sindh side, Balti, used by the people of Northeast parts of Pakistan, Bhaya, used by lower Sindh district people, Dehwari, Domaaki, Farsi, Ghera, Gujrati, Hazaragi, Kabutra, Kachchi, Kalami, Kalkoti, Loarki, Memoni, Pahari Potwari, Sansi, Savi, and Wakhi.

All these languages have their own importance in small districts of Pakistan and are spoken vastly by these people. Moreover, Balochi language also has four divisions; Eastern, Southern and Western. Over 1.8 million people are Eastern Balochi speakers in Pakistan. It is spoken in northern side of Baluchistan and southern side of Punjab. Balochi Sothern is spoken in South parts of Baluchistan and Sindh. This language is also used by people of Karachi. The last division of Balochi language, Balochi Western is only spoken in Northern parts of Baluchistan province. With the passage of time, changes have been made in all the main regional languages of Pakistan but most of the words used in these languages are ancient. 95% of the people speak these languages and almost every Pakistani knows at least 2 or 3 of these languages.

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