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Langra Mango

Langra Mango

Mangoes!! A prominent fruit in summer and known to be the King among Fruits. We all are aware of the deliciousness and magnificent taste of this fruit. Almost thousands of varieties exist now days. Mangoes of different kind are cultivated in Pakistan and due to their superb quality they are heavily exported in number of countries and are quiet popular. In Pakistan, these are mostly originated from Multan and Rahim Yar Khan. One of the most popular specie of mango is “Langra”. This higher chance seedling was developed by a farmer, who was lame and people usually call him by the name langra, so after that this type of mango was named as Langra, but this history of Langra is not that authentic.


Its size varies from medium to large. Its base is slightly flattening and its shoulders are equal. The color of its skin is green and thin, its flesh is fibreless and yellowish brown in color, a sweet smell comes out when ripened. It is quiet soft as compare to their variety of mangoes and is very sugary. The size of its seed is very small, flattened and oval as compare to others. During its ripening process Langra maintains its greenish color and gives out a very sweet ripening smell when ripened. Langra is filled with juice and is very pulpy. The last two weeks of July are the best time for this mango.

Langra mango is grown on a wide variety of soils under varied climatic conditions. Mostly grown from alluvial to lateritic soils but black cotton soil and poor drainage is avoided. These mangoes rise well in soil with vaguely acidic PH level. Soils that are beyond 7.5 Ph level are not suitable to grow these mangoes and to cultivate an ideal quality of mangoes good drainage should be provided to the soil.


Langra must be cultivated with professional care because little injury during cultivating can harm the quality of the mango and can bring down its worth. As our country is an outstanding exporter of fresh mangoes all around the globe, so they have to maintain the superiority and freshness.

It can be served as a sweet dish in many occasions. Many people enjoy this superlative fruit by cutting into cubes or cutting it into slices or it can be enjoyed as an energetic drink which can be made purely at home or is easily accessible in many juice corners.

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