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Lala Musa

Lala Musa

A small city in Pakistan which is about 145 km away from Islamabad and almost 139 km away from Lahore is known as Lala musa. Lalamusa is positioned in Gujarat District in Northern Punjab province. It is equidistant between Islamabad and Lahore. Karnana, Kharian and Gujarat are its neighboring towns. It was named after a person named Musa and the word Lala means the elder brother. The history of the people from Lalamusa is affluent. Lalamusa was only a village till 1880 and was entitled as Purana Lalamusa.

The other villages that are neater to the city are Budo Kalas Kazian, Khawas Pur Miana Chack, Kotla Kasim, Gakhri, Kulewal, Miana Chak and many more. A beautiful railway junction was constructed by British government in 1887 at a deserted area, which played a key role in the development of the region. Many English families were settled in the railway colony of Lalamusa and there is also an old English graveyard found near the railway station of Lalamusa. After the operation of Local community many Hindu and Sikhs were migrated to India very serenely during partition.


People of Lalamusa are proud to welcome Muslim refugees from India side. Generosity of Lalamusa is exceptional. Many villages including Dhama, Verowal, Kazian, Saida Gol, Budo Kalas and Khawas Pur became the part of the city after partition. Dozens of rural communities and municipalities were directly linked with Lalamusa. Even the Bhimbher Stream flows in the north of Lalamusa. Before partition the city was a historical town but now has become a developed city with a population of about 2 lacks.

Lalamusa inhabitants are known to be very meticulous and intellectual. The main political actors of the city are Kaira family and Sadat family but in the elections held in 2013, both lost their positions. In Lalamusa, Hindus had gentle business community of small whole sale market and Sikhs were farmers in this area. Through Lalamusa a Pakistani Railway line passes which connects Islamabad and Lahore. Lalamusa railway station is a junction, from where lines lead to Sargodha district via Akhtar Karnana and Mandi Bahauddin. Even the GT Road from Lahore to Islamabad also passes through it and it is directly allied with Gujarat District. The city is connected with Azad Jammu and Kashmir by Defence road via Kotla Bhimber.  Lalamusa has many educational institutes including Government College for Elementary Teachers (women), Government Kotla Boys Degree College, Local Government Training Academy, Government Islamia High School, Government Junjua Girls Degree College, Government College for Elementary Teacher and many more. Arif Lohare, Mian Muhammad Afzal Hayat, Javed Chaudhry, Alam Lohar, Roshan Ara Begum and Qamar Zaman Kaira are some notable personalities from this city.



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