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LaL Sohanra National Park

LaL Sohanra National Park

In Bahawalpur District in province of Punjab is the national park of Pakistan which is recognized as one of the largest national park in south Asia is known as Lal Sohanra national Park. The park is also known for the diversity of its landscape that is about 153000 acre. It encompasses areas of forest, water and desert. It is positioned to the east of Bahawalpur. It is an amalgamation of both forest and desert life. The park incorporates land on both sides of Desert Branch land which extends up to 127,480 acres. The green land of the park is spread up to 20,974 acres whereas the dry land is about 101,726 acres and wet land is about 4,780 acres.


The park’s landscape is in general flat, intermingled with sand dunes evaluating between 1 and 6 meters in height and engaging as many as thousands of acres apiece. Lal Sohanra National Park has numerous species of animals which includes a number of wild animals of the desert for example Bustards, deer, rabbits and wild cats. Some reptiles are also found within the region and they are Russell’s viper, Wolf Snake, Spiny Tailed Lizard, Monitor Lizard, Indian Cobra, John’s Sand Boa and Saw Scaled Viper.

The park has number of variety of birds almost 160 species of birds are found here such as birds like Griffon Vulture, Barn Owl, Shrike, Lark, Houbara Bustard, Kestrel Eurasian, Egyptian Vulture, Peregrine Falcon, Crested Honey, Hen Harrierr, Marsh harrier, Laggar Falcon, Wheartear and Sparrow hawk.


Within the park lies a lake known as Patisar Lake which is a large body of water in the center of the park. The government of Punjab is planning to modify the park into a wildlife safari park of international standard. Loin safari is the most outstanding attraction for the people to glimpse loins in their natural habitat at close range. Moreover, the park has pair of rhinoceros which were gifted from Nepal.


The park distinguishes from all other national parks in some aspects as it contains almost 400 animals that are currently being bred in the park, even the park has a vast population of Blackbucks which is a breed of antelope most prominent for its pronounced sexual dimorphism. That’s why the park has been supplied with new Blackbucks in order to extend its effort towards Blackbuck protection.



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