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Lake Manchar

Lake Manchar

One of the largest lake of Asia located in Pakistan is famous as Lake Manchar, it is a fresh water lake. It is situated in Jamshoro District, Sindh in the west of the Indus River. The vicinity of the lake ebb and flow with the seasons from as minute as 350 km² to as much as 520 km².It accumulates water from several undersized streams that are in the Kirthar Mountains and pour out into the Indus River. In 1930, when the Sukkar barrage was structured on the Indus River the lake was created at the same time. The Aral and Danister are the two canals from the Indus River that fed the lake.

The lake is a natural source of fresh water in an arid region.  In recent times the lake has sustained plenty of Fisher folk that exist near the Kot Lashari Bobak railway station, as the residents of this village are depended on the freshwater fish that they caught from the lake. But regrettably, the water of the lake is experiencing ecological dreadful conditions due to which the water has become brackish and is becoming unhealthy for the fishes and is being the cause of their deaths. These dreadful conditions are taking place from a long time but its effects are now visible.


The distraction of water from the Indus and an ebb tempest excess from the Kirthar Mountains have contributed to the diminution in fresh water provisions. Due to saline drainage water that comes from farming meadows in adjacent areas has started to flow into Lake Manchar and has contaminated the water. Lake Manchar was the sanctuary for many Siberian migrant birds, but due to lack of food from the lake the statics has recently drop down to 2,800 birds in 2002 as compare to the ratio that was counted in 1988. The lake now nourishes saline water reed instead of birds.



The lake was also the source of irrigation but this activity has also been reduced. From Sehwan Sharif the lake is positioned at an estimated distance of 18 km. This lake and the areas adjacent to it provide the locals and the tourists a great spot for spending holiday. Lake Manchar and surrounding areas are great points for spending a holiday. People from near and faraway areas come to spend holiday in this lake, as they enjoy boating and fishing in this area.



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