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Lahori Breakfast

Lahori Breakfast

Lahori Breakfast is famous all over the world. People living in Lahore are very fond of food and it will not wrong if said that people of Lahore are food lovers. People from Lahore are very popular all over the country because of their love for food. Food industry of Lahore is one of the country’s largest and busiest industries. People living here love to try the new foods. Lahore is the place where one can find food at any time no matter day or night; rather there are many food points that open only at night. There is huge variety of food that can be found here in Lahore. Only for breakfast, a big list containing a number of food items can be prepared.

halwa poori

There are so many small and famous places in Lahore where people visit to have breakfast; especially the areas of interior Lahore like bhati gate are very popular for the traditional food and breakfast items. In interior parts, people wake up so early in the morning and start to prepare different kinds of breakfast for the people who will visit them. One very famous breakfast in the Lahore is Halwa poori. Halwa is a sweet dish made of semolina (suji) and sugar and poori is fried flat bread made of flour. Some people like to have a spicy dish channy (chickpeas) along with the halwa poori.

siri paya

Siri Paya is another traditional breakfast of Lahore. Paya is an Urdu word used for feet. Hoof or trotters of a cow, lamb or goat are used to make this dish. People eat siri paya with naan. Paratha is fried bread that is made of wheat flour’s dough. Paratha can be eaten with the variety of items like omlate or fried egg, yogurt, butter, or any of curry. People make daal (lentils) wala or stuffed paratha as well. Stuffing of paratha can be any vegetable, daal, etc. Kulcha is kind of naan but it has sesame seeds on it. People eat kulcha with yogurt and channy and sometimes this breakfast refers as naan channy. Lasi is a yogurt drink. Some people like to have meethi lasi (sweet drink) whereas some prefer to have namkeem lasi (salty drink). Lasi is made of yogurt, water, some milk and sugar/salt in it. Bong paya is another item of Lahore’s breakfast in which beef is used with the paya to make spicy curry. Pathoory is widely eaten breakfast in Lahore. Pathory look like poori but the difference is that pathoory are thicker then poori and these are stuffed with daal (lentils).

Tea is very essential part of breakfast and is served with any kind of breakfast.


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