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Lahore Canal…..A Swimming Pool Free for All

Lahore Canal…..A Swimming Pool Free for All

In the east of Lahore city, a canal runs that starts from Bambawali-Ravi-Bedian (BRB) known as Lahore Canal. This canal is very much popular in the city and one of the reasons is that in summers you can see a huge number of youngsters swimming in it. It will not be wrong if said about canal that Lahore Canal, A swimming pool free for all. This waterway was built by the Mughals and is 37 miles long. Later in 1861, British rulers upgraded the canal. 5 feet is the average depth of canal.

Lahoris enjoying in canal

This canal is surrounded by the roads form both sides and each side is called Canal Bank Road. This canal is illuminated and decorated with the lights on local and national festivals. In the Mughal Era, the canal was constructed on the east side of city but was extended by the British rulers on the west side.  The idea behind the extension could be the irrigation system.

lahore canal festival

Canal holds the importance in the culture of Lahore. Relevant to the festivals, on the local and national events such as Eid, Basant, Pakistan Day, Jashan-e-Baharn, Independence Day etc that canal is decorated with the differently with the lights and other objects. On these occasions this canal presents a worth watching view that delights the hearts of the viewers. The major reason of canal’s popularity is that in extreme heat of summers, canal becomes the place of chilling and enjoyment for the people of Lahore. In the harsh weather condition, Lahori men, women and children in a large number can be seen here enjoying and trying to reduce the heating effects of hot season.

lahore canal in summer

It becomes a crowded place because not everyone living in Lahore can afford the expensive swimming pools, as this natural swimming pool is free for all. Families can be seen here sitting on the bank of canal. Young boys enjoy the place by swimming and diving in the water from the bridge constructed on canal. However, water of the canal is not healthy but still people come here.

lahore canal

By noticing the popularity of canal because of the youngsters who are fond of swimming, government is planning to convert some parts of the canal into the pool. Boards would be displayed on the sides of pools to mention the depth of canal to prohibit the children to swim in those areas. To fulfill the plan, government would stop the flow of water for some weeks to properly clean the canal and to design it to avoid the accidents.

According to the experts, this plan would bring the positive impact on the lifestyle of people living in Lahore.

lahore canal

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