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The institute that has nailed itself in the field of education and among the entire recognized institute is known as LACAS. In 1987, the institute came into existence. Within the time period of three months it was referred to in the national daily Dawn as “a center of educational excellence”. From that time the institute has more than justified this eulogize. It has a very sturdy social working program. LACAS has been the foremost co-educational institute that offers A Level classes with superior educational standards. The girls from Lahore got the opportunity to take part in A Level examinations after this ground breaking effort. Besides its exceptional efforts the students of LACAS have been affirmed High Achievers by the University of Cambridge for their exceptional performance in the O Level and A Level examinations and these assessments make available such standards that are recognized globally and provide rooms in prestigious universities like UK, Australia, Pakistan and US.


Not only these O Level and A Level degrees that build opportunities for their students more than that their extra-curriculum activities that are well-known, plays an important role in the progress of a student. The most appreciable point about the institute is that their students have always been selected to represent our country in international competitions and even in the events including the International Physics Olympiad which took place in Taiwan and Turkey.


Their students took place in many conferences which includes the Conference for Peace that took place in Singapore which was between Pakistan and India and another conference was held in Nepal the topic was based on child exploitation and HIV awareness. The students belonging to this superior institute have always been selected to represent our country in the United Nations General Assembly on child in New York and they are always a part of five member national team and are sent to take part in the World School Debates Competition where the students have succeeded recognition for their logical and discursive skills.


In Pakistan, LACAS has initiated the idea and layout of parliamentary debates. Since 1989, the institute has been hosting the prestigious Sondhi Debates Challenge Cup. In the city Lahore the institute is one of the pioneers in stimulating the tradition of Plays. Their Annual production has also achieved several awards and acclamation by drama critics. A part from quality education their mission is to enhance the sense of responsibility towards society and to instill every child of their institute the significance of questioning and well-versed convictions and a huge hearted tolerance.

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