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Kurta – Our Dress

Kurta – Our Dress

A common Pakistani traditional dress is a loose collarless shirt of length around knees, fastened with tasseled ties, loops or buttons and termed as ‘Kurta’.

It is worn by both men and women with loose-fitting Shalwar, pyjama or tight fitting chuuridaar pyjama as casual and formal wear. This traditional dress of Pakistani can be blend into western clothing style by using it with jeans. A Kurta can be used for all seasons depending upon the type of fabric used e.g. thin cotton or thick silk. Chicken embroidery is employed for its summer make and even metal or jeweled buttons can be used to ornate ‘Kurta’.

Kurta: Traditional Dress

In short every Pakistani traditional dress is oriented in a manner to cover, comfort and decorate its wearer at maximum. These are the dresses which are tailored to add grace, authority and bliss to wearer. As far as clothing is concerned Pakistani culture has a lot to offer. The die hard following and demand of these traditional dresses apart from Pakistan e.g. in India, Sri lanka, Bangladesh, Arabia and Europe is a true proof of this.


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