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Kotli is a beautiful place in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, which is a chief town of Kotli District. In 15th century a royal family of Kashmir founded it which is documented in the history of Punjab Hill states. Kotli and Poonch stayed autonomous until restrained by Ranjit Singh in 1815 and 1819 correspondingly.” Kotli was first known as Kohtali means “under mountain” but later the local residents changed its name to Kotli. In Azad Kashmir there is a famous saying about Kotli which is “Kotli Mangrallan da, Rajouri Jarrallan da, Bhimber Chiban da, Mirpur Gakharan da” and its translation is:

Kotli is ruled by the Mangral Rajputs, Rajouri is ruled by the Jarral Rajputs, Bhimber is ruled by the Chib Rajputs and Mirpur is ruled by the Gakhar Rajputs”.


By two metallic roads Kotli is connected with Kotli one is through Rajdhani and other one is through Charchoi. Kotli is also directly allied with Rawalkot through Trarkhal and a double road that connects it with the rest of Pakistan from Islamabad and Pindi. The garrisons of kotli were abandoned by the Indian Army in November 1947 then soon after that the army of Pakistan along with Jatts and Rajputs of Azad Kashmir with the support of tribesmen of the North West Frontier Province reached and counter-attacked, compelling the army of India to dispose of and since that time Koti is under Pakistani rule.


Kotli is known as “winter town” now a day. Sarda point, gori park, butt fire, Tinda rest house, Peer Lasura and roli hills are the prominent places to visit. Kotli is heading towards in almost all aspects of life. Three Khan Wali Fortresses, Tehsil guest house and Jame Masjid Ghosia Balyah are the famed and outstanding places in the town. Jam-e- Masjid Firdous Gulhar is the main distinction of the city, as it is the spiritual center of brilliance and it integrates more then seven hundred mosques from all around the globe and most of these mosques are in Azad Kashmir.


This foundation was laid by Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Sadiq and now his son Mr. Haafiz Muhammad Zahid Sultani is administrating the organization competently. The region has international associations all over Western Europe and North America as many Azad Kashmiris are living in the outer edge of Mangla Dam in Mirpur. Kotli has attached with a lot of European cities for example Hamburg, Amsterdam and particularly the superior industrial cities of northern and central England. Kotli is also famous as the “city of mosques” it is just because it encompasses more than three hundred mosques. This place is an ideal place to visit.


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