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Kot Lakhpat Industrial Estate

Kot Lakhpat Industrial Estate

kot lakhpat industrial estate

Many industrial estates can be found in the Punjab. In Punjab, Kot Lakhpat industrial estate is near to city Lahore. Among all industrial estates, the oldest one planned industrial estate is Kot Lakhpat Industrial Estate. Kot Lakhpat industrial estate is now known as Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate. This project started in 1960’s under the Pakistani and Canadian Joint Assistance Program. This is the oldest industrial estate that is spread over 565 acres. Basically the plan and purpose for this industrial estate was to establish the residential and industrial estate side by side. By doing this industrial growth could be accelerated and urban development in the Lahore could be done.

As it is one of the largest industrial estate, there are around 477 industrial plots here are of different sizes. Size of plots available here vary from 1 kanal to 100 kanals. It is not difficult to approach this industrial estate, as it is located on prime site in Lahore. It is adjacent to the Township a very well know area in Lahore. Earlier the Department of Housing and Physical Planning Government of Pakistan administered this industrial estate. In 1993, it passed the ownership and control of the estate and handed over the assets to Lahore Development Authorities.

After that in April 2004, the government took a major step and Punjab Industrial Estates Development and Management Company (PIEDMC) was founded. After its establishment the charge and control of this estate was given to the PIEDMC that was a good step towards the professional development of the estate in the province. The name of Kot Lakhpat Industrial Estate was changed after placing this estate under PIEDMC and was renamed as Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate.

A Board of Management consisting 14 members lead this industrial estate. Among these 14 members, nine belong to private sector and represent the different industrial sectors of the estate and rests of other belong to government. A total number of working employee here is 50,000 and among these 50,000 workers, approximately 10,000 workers are female.

Various industries are established here in this estate including textile, garments, plastics, auto parts, chemicals, steel, food and beverage, dyeing and printing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household appliance, and many more.

Quaid-e-Azam industrial estate can be a perfect place to start an industry, as it is fully developed estate. There is no lacking in the security of people working and living here because of joint patrolling of estate’s and Punjab police. A fire brigade system is also established here to save the loss of millions. Canteens are also here to provide the hygienic food to the workers on very reasonable rates.

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