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Kokla Chapaki

Kokla Chapaki

When there was no electricity and television was just a myth to the locals kids used to play outside. Games like Kokla Chapaki and Pittu Garam were common and streets used to echo from children’s laughter playing these games. Kokla Chapaki is a traditional game usually played by girls

but then with the passage of time boys got into it too. This game is still being kept alive in the rural areas and small cities of Pakistan. Unlike many other games there is no fixed number of players required to play this game. It varies depending on how many people want to play. But it does not mean that even two people can play it. At least three people are required to play it furthermore the more the merrier.

So this is how the game is played; one participant carries a whip made out of a dupatta. Dupatta is doubled in such a way that it forms into a rope like shape; hence it does not wound at all. All the others sit in a circle putting their heads between their knees and/or obscuring their view by any mean. The person who carries the whip-like-thing circles around them and sings out loud:“Kokla chapaki Jumeraat aayi hai, jis nay agay peechay daikha us ki shamat ayi hai” meaning “Kokla Chapaki it is Thursday today who looks hither or thither is to be punished”. And then he/she places the whip behind one participant slowly so they can’t feel it, and keeps on circling singing loudly.

If the person behind whom the whip has been placed feels it they pick it up and starts running after the one who put it behind him/her. The main objective is not to capture the guy but to hit him/her with the whip, and for the other one he has to complete a circle and then sit in the spot vacated by the later. If he succeeds the other will have to take turn and repeat the same procedure. If he manages to hit the other then the previous guy will continue their turn and vice versa. Moreover if the guy didn’t feel the whip being placed behind them then the one who placed it there will complete the circle and then pick up the whip to hit the guy and then the turn passes on.


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