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Kokab Khwaja

Kokab Khwaja

Kokab Khwaja, known not only for her neat recipes but also for her sophistication and allure is undeniably a household name in Pakistan. Her areas of expertise include home interior decoration and gathering crockery. She rose to stardom after appearing endlessly on TV in 1990. Her TV show was a total success and turning it down would have been a fool’s mistake so she didn’t and now she stands amongst the most well-known personalities of Pakistan.

Kokab Khwaja did masters in history and taught it in a college for 5 years. She has been fond of cooking from childhood nonetheless never thought of pursuing it as her basic career. Her passion for cooking got fuel after she started reconnoitering new cuisines a few years after her marriage and it didn’t stop at that. She learnt to cook Chinese gastronomies from an institution in China. Besides doing cooking shows she has appeared on numerous talk shows and radio shows.

Moreover she is a certified chef from Turkey and Thailand. She is also an expert Reiki Healer i.e. a Japanese technique for stress release and is commonly known as palm healing. Kokab Khwaja uses this technique for treating mental and physical ailments. She also learned ikebana i.e. art of flower prearrangement from Japan. She also provides free services as a therapist in the psychoanalysis sector of a hospital.

Her eloquent method of cooking and her handy kitchen tips along with her moniker passion for home décor makes life a lot easy for housewives all over Pakistan. She is also the author of over 700 cook books with nifty tips and tricks which make cooking easy for all that include men. Taking a look at the list of her recipes she has covered over a million recipes covering almost all Pakistani traditional recipes with different Chinese recipes along with Thai and Turkish recipes. Working her way around the Kitchen she has also modeled a lot of foreign recipes to better suit the taste of Pakistani people. Not only cuisines but Kokab is also a master of shakes and drinks.


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