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Khussa a traditional and all time famous footwear of Pakistan that like by every age group of people, the kids, teenagers, men, and women, and our grand parents too. We can consider that it is an important part of rich and poor, urban or village culture of Pakistan. Khussa is available in attractive, but complicated designs with interesting patterns, made with the best quality soft, pure, and colorful leather that is flexible while using it.

Khussa is available in different designs, with simple embroidery work, and with multicolor beads that you like very much.

Handmade shoes are considered comfortable, and Khussa is one of them. You can wear it over shalwar kameez, pajamas, and no doubt to say that jean paint lovers are also like to wear Khussa. You can wear it as casual footwear while at home or any other gathering like wedding ceremonies. In some weddings, bride and groom are like to wear Khussa with their dresses.

Khussa with Moti Sitara and Tilla is common designs that you can find easily in the market. The embroidery has done on Khussa with golden color or silver color Tilla (A colorful thread). There is no doubt to say that whole process of making a Khussa from starting to decorate, and finishing should be done with great care. The stitching of Khussa and amazing embroidery work is done with great effort. So that’s why Khussa looks very beautiful and fine.

There is an important tip that necessary, while buying a Khussa and this is, check the leather quality of Khussa. The Khussa should be made with one type of leather because some manufacturer use good quality leather on the upper side of Khussa and use low quality leather for the inner side of Khussa. The upper side leather of Khussa should not be different from the soles, both quality and color wise. The Khussa should look a bit hard not droopy. Good Khussa’s leather at starting feel very stiff and then it breaks or become flexible according to your foot. Try to avoid use poor quality leather Khussa that could be harmful for the sensitive skin.

Khussa is one and only footwear in between the shoe’s realm that has a unique quality, which the other shoes are not possesses. That is its flexibility, a Khussa can be worn with both left and right foot easily, and you will feel no difficulty while walking.


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