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Many banks of Pakistan were introduced to improve the economic and financial condition of the country and the citizen, Khushhali Bank Limited is from one these banking projects. It was a fraction of Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan‘s Poverty reduction Strategy and its Micro Finance Development Program (MSDP). The bank was inaugurated in the year 2000. Asian Development Bank (ADB) played a chief role in the development of MSDP. The head quarters of the bank are in Islamabad. State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is the supervisor of Khushhali Bank Limited. MSDP shareholders are many central (commercial) banks.


The bank is to stabilize the newly formed microfinance sector and to retail its services. Their mandate is to launch a sustainable podium of financial services with retail delivery mechanisms to the poor accompanied, to smooth the progress of such an environment where microfinance can flourish within the country, to support the central bank in setting up a suitable and an approachable agenda where microfinance institutions work on sustainable foundations and to lead within the country in the sector of microfinance.  MSDP has a significant purpose to endow with reasonable financial and social services to the poor, for a considerable bang on poverty diminution and this can be made possible by increasing the income of poor households, enhancing outreach predominantly to women, building social capital and by diminishing risks faced by the poor.



The MSDP made possible to provide package of policy reforms and most favorable means for institutional improvement, with the purpose of outreaching development to facilitate growth of the microfinance sector. KBL came up with a unique project for those women who believe in working hard and it was named as Jafakash Aurat Project, the main agenda was to help them financially by providing them facilities according to their skills, which enables them to establish their own business. The bank also commenced Khushhali Bank Scholarship Scheme (KBSS) in 2005. They distributed almost 332 scholarships which were amounting to PKR 76,890,465 on 30th September 2009 and these were awarded to the domicile holders of Balochistan, Sindh and FATA. Small Infrastructure Project was also in their mandate, which was to improve the livelihood of the poor through efficient and productive use of local rsources for the financial support of the project Community Investment Fund. The local share holders empowered the poor community as well.


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