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khawja Sira

khawja Sira

Khawja Sira or Hijra in our society are found everywhere with loud makeover. Agonies of the addled identities, pursuit of a name in the universe, deep desire to be recognized by the people all around and earning a reasonable livelihood make the life of the urchins a hard nut to crack.

Being the laughing stock on the roads and shouldering the evening with a flashy make up and a gaudy dress and begging on foot paths and traffic signals are the message of the social disdain which starts from the basic unit of the society, the home. Though in some rural areas of the country, they are taken as the consecrated beings just because they have been deprived of some basic needs as human beings, in cities they have a dissimilar impression where they are accused of sexual abuse. Their existence throughout the history presents the both sides of the picture. “The Book of Saladin” a novel on Salahuddin Ayyubi is a good example to quote.

Khawja Sira (the name titled by the Mughals) took a sigh of relief when the Chief Justice of Pakistan ordered to register them which resolved the question of their identity to some extent and entitled them the part of the society. They felt themselves sheltered against the punching attitude and the sarcastic eyes of the people on the roads and in open places. Though the registration raised some questions and embraced with conflicts on the question of their names and their category (whether they are inborn, operated or converted), the law stepped forward to protect them as citizens of Pakistan.

The existence of Khawja Siras bears some question marks for the society and even for the khwaja siras themselves. Is it the society which turns them as what they are or they themselves pose like this? Can the society come forward to give them jobs in offices or other institutes suitable for them? They are born with medical flaws. Is it a divine injustice? If yes, what about all those who are born with blindness, deafness or any other disability? Will they all come under the title of divine injustice? No, they are granted more than what they are deprived of. The creator has made them with some distinct characteristics and talents. Then why not the Khawja Siras? They can be extra-talented to fit in any domain like fine arts, make up art and boutiques, then why doomed only to dancing and begging? What about those who are operated or converted into what they were not by birth? Is it against the nature or nature against them? Why do their families not accept them as their off spring? Are they a stigma for their homes where they were born but could not be accepted?


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