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Khari Sharif

Khari Sharif

Azad Jammu Kashmir is blessed with numerous beautiful places. In Mir Pur District of AJK is an agricultural area known as Khari Sharif. Widely known as Alaqa-e-khari, belongs to the productive plains of khari which lies between the hills of Mirpur and the river Jhelum. There are almost 80 small and large villages in Khari and among these villages one village itself is known as Khari. From the city of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir Khari Sharif is located 8 km away. Khari Sharif is recognized as home of shrines of Sufi saints known as Peer-e-Shah Ghazi and Mian Muhammad Baksh.


For the students of Islam it is a great place of learning. Not only in Kashmir but in all Pakistan the disciples of Saint can be witnessed today. The population of Khari was about 9,632 according to the 1988 census of Pakistan. In the ancient time the family of Sohlan Rajput ruled over Khari. Jagidar Raja Alla Dad Khan of Lehri and Zaildar Raja Sajjawal Khan of Mehmunpur are the two famous political names in the history of Khari. These two political members were recognized for their strong family backgrounds and for their good association with Maharaja.

The Shrine of Mian Mohammad Bakhsh is in Kahri Sharif, the famous tale Saiful Malook was written by him. This tale is about a prince who fells in love with a fairy called Badi-u-Jamal who he saw in a dream and in the entire story he searches for the fairy and the religious lessons he discover on the way. It is a famous novel throughout AJ&K and Pakistan and even has its own committee. Chaudhry Karamat Khari is the head of this committee who is from the village of Pindi Subherwal.


The first prime minister of Mirpur Barrister Sultan Mehmud Chaudhry also belongs to Khari. Other well-known politicians from Khari are late Khadam Hussain ex-MLA ofChechian, Chaudhry Muhammad Azam, Raja Altaf Hussain, Chjaudhry Rukhsar, Chaudhry Arshad Mehmood, Chaudhry Abdul Rashid, Chaudhry Feroz Khan and Barrister Muhammad Khan.

For education there are numerous primary and secondary and intermediate institutes established in Khari for both boys and girls. Even to train teachers they have organized separate institutes. Dr Muhammad Sharif Chattar a well-known educationist of Azad Kashmir also belonged to one of its villages Pindi Subherwal. Khari is also known for serving the army as well.


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