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Keenjhar Lake

Keenjhar Lake

Pakistan has been blessed with a beautiful network of lakes, rivers and canals. All the four provinces of Pakistan have lots of specialties and cultural diversity that attracts the tourists the all over the world. Keenjhar Lake in Thatta, Sindh is a famous tourist spot and brings healthy tourism to Pakistan.

The province of Sindh in Pakistan has a rich ancient history and displays a distinctive architecture and cultural composition. Thatta is a famous and historical city of Pakistan, located approximately at 98 km east of Karachi, in the province of Sindh. Thatta is considered to be the epicenter of Sufism, mystic and contemporary arts and has been the provisional capital of Sindh for the last four centuries till Karachi took over the title from it. The city of Thatta has been listed on UNESCO World Heritage list because of many of its historical and ancient sites.

One of the many sightseeing places that pull the attention of thousands of tourists towards Thatta is the breathtakingly beautiful Keenjhar Lake. Located at a distance of about 24 kms from Thatta, Keenjhar Lake is the biggest man-made lake of Pakistan.This lake is also known as Kalri Lake. Being the largest freshwater lake in Pakistan, Keenjhar Lake plays a significant role in maintaining the eco function of the River Indus Basin.The lake receives thousands of mid-winter immigrant water birds such as European Wigeon, Common Pochard and Black Coot etc.

So, what’s the historical significance of Keenjhar Lake? Well, the lake endorses a very well known folk tale of Sindh called Noori Jam Tamachi. It’s been said that this famous love story took place around the lake and till this date, thousands of devotees visit Noori’s shrine located right in the middle of the lake.The shrine is set to be established back in 18th century. The total length of Keenjhar Lake is approximately 30 km and its 10 km in width.

Pakistan Tourism Department Corporation (PTDC) has made tremendous efforts in preserving the beauty of Keenjhar Lake to make it more attractive for the tourists. Lots of constructional projects and developments are being made to make the lake more tourist-friendly. The place around the lake has been developed into a beautiful resort with latest boating and fishing facilities for families. Lots of restaurants, PTDC motels and small snack bars offer great food and accommodation services to the tourists.

Sindh Province of Pakistan has been famous all over the world for its ancient history and Keenjhar Lake of Thatta is no exception. The lake offers a mystic ambiance and cast a spiritual spell upon its visitors. Lots of people visit the lake to catch the glimpse of bright sunrise in the morning and the magical sunset in the evening. You can take pictures, enjoy mouth-watering delicacies, catch fish or relax and spend quality time with your loved ones across the lake. Since, it’s a reservoir of fresh water, the lake is a major source of pure, clean, drinking water for Karachi and also provide tons of revenue to the fishery industry every year.


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