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Katas Raj Temple

Katas Raj Temple

Pakistan is the country having beautiful cities, lakes, valleys and historical places. One can find historical mosques, forts, temples etc in Pakistan. Katas temples are also known as Katas raj temple is one on these historical places located in the village named Katas near Choa Saidanshah in district Chakwal of Punjab, Pakistan. It takes little effort to reach the temples. These temples are 40 kilometers from Chakwal District. From the Kalar Kahar interchange one has to follow the road of Choa Saidanshah for 24 km. The road passes through the temples complex just after passing the cement factory.  This temple was built 900 years or so ago. The Katas temples exist since the time of Mahabharata. Mahabharata is the Sanskrit epic of ancient India.


Katas raj temple is a complex of temples. There is a large and a central temple and pairs of small temples are built around it. Construction of mostly temples at the Katas is on square platform. This temple complex, for the people of various faiths has always been the holy site. Many people to perform their religious rituals visit the temple. There is a pond near this temple that is considered holy by the people of some religions and they take the sacred bathe. They seek forgiveness by taking bathe here in this holy pond.

beautiful katas raj pond

History of katas temple complex can be traced back to the era of Mahabharata. Many legends are associated with these temples. It is said that the heroes of epic Mahabharata, the Pandva brothers spent their four years here in this temple complex. There is a pond outside this temple complex and some stories are associated with this pond too. It is believed by the Hindus that this pond is the place where Yudhisthira a hero of Mahabharata defeated Yaksha another character of Mahabharata to bring his brothers back to the life. Another interesting story associated with this lake is that it is said that Shiva (one of the Hindus god) cried so much for so long on the death of his wife Sati (a goddess of Hindus) and his tears formed two ponds one in Ajmer and other one here at Katas. The word Katas is derived from the Sanskrit word “Ketaksha” that literally means “raining eyes” in Sanskrit.


For decades, this temple complex was in bad condition due to the ignorance of the authorities. In 2006, Pakistan decided to restore the temple complex in its original state by placing the murties (statues) of Hindu gods in seven temples. To collect the mourties of Hindu gods, a team of three member archeological visited the India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

katas raj temples

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