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Kashmiri Qehwa

Kashmiri Qehwa

Qehwa is a drink that is drunk hot and it is a form of tea. It is a green tea and a part of tradition of sub-continent, that is, part of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir Valley. Qehwa originally originated from Kashmir Valley of Pakistan and India that is the reason it is usually called as Kashmiri Qehwa.

Besides Kashmir it is also made in other parts of Pakistan such as, Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other provinces of Pakistan. Kashmiri Qehwa is not only famous in Pakistan but is drunk in almost every place of Central Asia. Even many non-Kashmiri Pakistanis and Indians are lovers of Kashmiri Qehwa. Kashmiri Qehwa is said to have a heavenly taste. People drink it and they just lost into its taste, it is good to this extent. Lovers of Kashmiri Qehwa not only love the taste of it but also love the aroma of Kashmiri Qehwa because its aroma is the real thing that attracts the lovers of it more and more towards itself. And it is attracting people like this since the time of Kushan rule who was the ruler of Kushan Empire around 1st and 2nd Century AD. Kashmiri Qehwa is popular in Central Asia from ages. Almost every family living in Pakistan is aware of the way Kashmiri Qehwa is prepared.

It is not a difficult task to do; you just require the right ingredients and the proper way in order to create a delicious Kashmiri Qehwa. Usual things that are required for making a perfect Kashmiri Qehwa are green tea of Kashmir, Green cardamom that should be crushed, almonds that should be chopped and blanched, saffron, sugar, cloves and cinnamon. These are the items that are necessary and are found in every Kashmiri Qehwa. The amount of each thing to be added in Kashmiri Qehwa that is prepared by you totally depends on how much you like to have in your Kashmiri Qehwa or how much the quest want it in his or her Kashmiri Qehwa. Kashmiri Qehwa is normally drink in winters of Pakistan and it is one of the reason people wait so much for winters because people are just eager to taste it and Kashmiri Qehwa is made in a right way then enjoyment of drinking it simply gets doubled.


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