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Kashmiri Karhai

Kashmiri Karhai

Kashmiri karhai, also known as Kashida is a beautiful as Kashmir itself. This Kashmiri embroidery reflects the natural beauty of Kashmir and is appreciated for its uniqueness. The creative embroiders of Kashmir do this embroidery so well that the other person loves to see it again and again. Colorful threads are the main material required to do this karhai and when these dissimilar colors are mixed with each other, then this whole bunch of colors creates a spectacular sensation in one’s eyes. The patterns used in this karhai are mostly inspired from the exotic surroundings around the person.

The variation in stitching styles does not affect the whole pattern made, because only single stitching styles gives a great look to the whole pattern. Women of Kashmir show great interest in doing this Kashmiri karhai as this work is source to earn their living. Mostly two types of embroidery are done on the clothes by these women: one is paper embroidery and the other is needle embroidery. This embroidery is much appreciated in outer countries and so exported there. Most of these craft pieces are exported to India because the culture of both countries is similar to each other and Indian people like everything that is made in Pakistan especially craft pieces.

Kashmiri embroidery is known for the various kinds of stitches used in it like slanted darn stitch, chain stitch, satin stitch, stem stitch, and herringbone, but only one or two stitches are used at one time to create the beautiful pattern. The Kashmiri jaal work is also famous, but it takes a lot of time to do this embroidery on a single shawl. Women’s jacket with Kashmiri embroidery done on it also looks very beautiful and elegant. These jackets reflect the Kashmiri culture and Kashmiri women take it as a must wear item.

Kashmiri karhai can be done on various clothing items like shawls, stoles jackets and other such items. This Kashmiri embroidery is adored by women of every region of Pakistan and they love to wear those clothing items which are decorated with Kashmiri embroidery. The embroidery enhances the looks of an item. This embroidery is a mixture of culture of the whole region of Jammu and Kashmir and consists of different floral patterns. The basic cloth color used is crème or white color and the threads used are multi colored as mentioned above.

The whole climate and atmosphere is reflected in this elegant Kashmiri karhai and it changes the look of whole pattern. Shawls with Kashmiri karhai done on them are easily available in different markets as compared to other things and if you haven’t bought it then you must buy one to see how beautiful and elegant it looks.

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