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Kashmiri Chai

Kashmiri Chai

Tea is something that is loved by almost everyone in this world. Generally, a tea-lover takes tea 4 to 5 times a day. Those who take tea everyday are actually addicted to tea and if someone really wishes to see these tea addicts in large number, he should visit the Sub-Continent in Asia, especially Pakistan. In the Sub-Continent, tea is named ‘Chai’ in Urdu. It has been used here for many centuries. There are countless tea-lovers in Pakistan and people in Pakistan take tea like as if they are drinking water but too much tea is harmful as it contains caffeine and Theanine in it which act like a drug in a human body due to which a large number of people gets addicted to tea.

There are many types of different tea made in different countries of the world like Chinese tea, Japanese tea, green tea and many other forms of tea but one of the most delicious amongst them is tea of Kashmir which is known as Kashmiri Chai in Pakistan. Kashmiri Chai is also known as Pink Tea and it is the term used by others who are not a part of Pakistan. It truly originated from the state of Kashmir, Pakistan that is why is called Kashmiri Chai.

Kashmiri Chai is pink in color and it is pretty much different from regular tea that is made in Pakistan. Kashmiri Chai is usually taken on special occasions such as a get-together by friends or family members. Some people like to take it hot and some people drink it with ice, it is delicious in both the ways. It is also called as a Party Drink by many people of Pakistan. Its purpose is not only to provide taste for the drinkers but when it is served to a guest in Pakistan,  it is to show that the guest is being respected by the host and the host is taking care of the guest.


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