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Kashmir Day

Kashmir Day

Kashmir Day:  Kashmir Solidarity Day

Each year 5th of February is dedicated as Kashmir Day in Pakistan. This day is also called Yome Yakjehti Kashmir. This day was proposed by ameer of Jumaat e Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed in 1990. Since that each year there is public holiday on 5th February. This day honors the strugglers and martyrs of Kashmir liberation.

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This day is observed as a protest against brutal Indian occupancy on Kashmir. Indian army is controlling a part of Kashmir and humiliating Kashmiri Muslim citizens. Kashmiri Muslims want freedom and Pakistan supports their right. Pakistan has proposed many times win-win situation to India by free and fair elections but in contrast Indian leaders always broke their promises and made Kashmir issue disputed.

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There are two major wars in history between Pakistan and India for freedom of innocent Kashmiri people. But political diplomacy and foreign interference caused the issue to remain disputed. Major portion of budget is spent by both countries for military and defense. Muslim mujahidin and people of Pakistan always tried to push back the terrorist Indian army in to their country and give freedom to all Kashmiri people.

The struggle for freedom will continue as this has been in practice since separation of Pakistan and India in 1947. The conflict started when the british viceroy Mount Batten intentionally provided access to Indian Army and broke the mutually agreed phenomenon of partition of sub-continent. The agreement was done among British ruling, Qaid e azam and Gandhi of India. It was decided that all parts of sub-continent with majority of Muslims will make a separate country named Pakistan and rest of Hindu majority area will be India. As per calculation on fair merit Kashmir should be the part of Pakistan but India occupied Kashmir.

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At that time Qaid e azam asked the Pakistan army to move and get our land free from India, but Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan former prime minister denied and proposed meetings with Indian leadership to resolve this issue. Since then only meetings are being conducted no concrete solution has matured so far. This clash between Pakistan and India caused much loss of Kashmiri people. Kashmir is called Jannat e nazeer. This land is all green and full of nature. Kashmir is the most beautiful land on earth.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir was the fourth most populous among other 565 princely states in british ruled India. Kashmir is comprised of five regions. The valley of Kashmir, Jammu province, Poonch district, Ladakh and Baltistan and Gilgit region comprises Kashmir. Now there are two types of Kashmir i-e Azad Jammu Kashmir and Indian occupied Kashmir.

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Kashmir day is organized in all over Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir AJK. All people in the world specially Kashmiris and Pakistanis arrange processions, rallies and special prayers for the freedom of our beautiful Kashmir. In the rallies, conferences and gatherings, religious heads, politicians and other famous figures address the masses and support Kashmir liberation movement. To symbolize the solidarity with the Kashmiri people a human chain is formed from AJK to Pakistan in all major cities.

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