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Kashmir Cuisine

Kashmir Cuisine

The food of Kashmir is known for its special taste and fragrance. It depicts the identity of Pandits of Hindus because the dishes of Kashmir were mostly introduced by Hindu pandits. The people of Kashmir are very fond of eating. They eat a lot and they are very hostile as well. The favorite food of Kashmir people are mutton, chicken and fish.


The dishes of Kashmir are garnished with lots of yogurt. The dishes are mostly very spicy. The people of Kashmir use lots of oil in the dishes for better taste. They don’t use onions in their dishes. They also avoid garlic and tomato. They have equal dishes of vegetables and mutton. They don’t use rice so much in the dishes. The names of the dishes are also very new and different which you have never heard before. They also make some dried vegetables dishes at home. Kashmir is a hilly area so it’s very difficult to grow the vegetables in the whole year so people store the vegetables in summer for winter and use them in the dishes. Turnips are the most usable vegetables in their dishes.

Special dish

The traditional and special dish of Kashmir is Wazwan. It is garnished in a very good and presentable way with salad leafs, tomato, pickles, cucumbers and other vegetables. It is a meat base dish which includes fish, chicken, beef and roasted lamb. The dish is cooked and prepared by the famous chefs of Kashmir. Wazwan shows the culture and tradition of Kashmir. The dish is served with seekh kababs, barbequed chicken and rice. It is mostly prepared in special occasions like marriages and other functions.

Drinks or beverages

The famous and most favorite beverages of Kashmir are noon chai and kahwah. This tea is pinkish in color. Its taste is sweet and salted. It is made up of black tea and milk. It is usually used in breakfasts with some bakery items. Kahwah is served in marriages and in religious functions. It is a green-tea made up of spices, almonds and saffron. Kahwah is prepared in 30 different ways. It is also used in Pakistan.


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