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Kapoor Haveli

Kapoor Haveli

In the Peshawar city of Pakistan, province Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa in a narrow and small street named as Dhaki Munawar Shah a building known as Kapoor Haveli is located that was the residence of the great Indian actor Parithvi Raj Kapoor. Many members of this family are ruling the Indian cinema for decades. This historic house was owned by the father of Parthvi Raj named as Dewan Basheswarnath Kapoor. Raj Kapoor a very famous and leading Indian cinema’s actor took birth in this house famous as Kapoor Haveli.


Inside the entrance, there is a wooden slab and according to this slab, the construction of this haveli was started in 1918 and was completed in 1922. It is a multi-story building consisting about 40 rooms and its front is decorated with the floral motifs and overhanging balconies locally known as “Jharookas”. Around two decades back, the owners of this building demolished the three upper stories of this building as they were badly damaged due to an earthquake and the upper portion got cracks that had a steep mound location.

In 1947, after the Indo-Pak partition like many other Hindus, Kapoor family left the house and city to migrate India. A jeweler named Haji Khushal Rasool form Charsada purchased this building in 1968 in an auction under the settlement clause and then later sold it to a resident of Peshawar. Current owner of Kapoor Hveli is Haji Israr Shah and according to him, his father purchased this home in mid 1980’s. The area residents had used this building for events like marriage ceremonies etc.

In 1990, some members of Kapoor family among which Shashi Kapoor who is the younger brother of Raj Kapoor and his two sons Randhir Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor visited the Peshawar and their family home. From the compound of the house, they took some earth to remember their heritage.

In 1920’s Parithvi Raj Kapoor received a gold medal in his youth for a performance in Peshawar and now Ranbir Kapoor inherited this gold medal from Peshawar and is considered like a family heirloom.

This Kapoor Haveli now by the IMGC Global Entertainment in Pakistan is being converted into the museum with the help of government of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. In the surroundings of Kapoor Haveli many business and other buildings have been constructed and this area has become one of the crowded areas of Peshawar.

At Dhaki Munawar Shah, many elders still remember the days and time spent with the Kapoor family.

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